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Tuesday Associates has an impressive winning record. Over the past three years, our victories range from Mayor to statewide ballot initiatives to Constitutional offices across 18 states. Our direct mail has been featured in Campaigns & Elections magazine, and has been repeatedly called “brilliant” by the media.

The key features leading to victory in these races were superior fundraising, an aggressive grassroots organization, development and use of detailed voter files, cutting edge direct mail/phone programs, first rate media plans, and skillful campaign planning.

Winning today requires creativity, uniqueness, quality strategic planning, and the ability to think beyond traditional boundaries. Succeeding in this ever-evolving political marketplace requires innovative strategies, powerful communications, direct mail that delivers the message, in-depth research, and outstanding fundraising. Most importantly, the know how to make it work for the campaign team.

For more than 23 years, we have worked to help Republicans get elected to office. These campaigns entailed an understanding of message, strategy, tactics, management, fundraising, direct mail, and media relations.

Campaigns are won with strategic planning, forceful execution, and aggressive fundraising. We focus on tailoring and implementing a plan for both the candidates and the district that will result in success.

Our only goal is winning!

Our expertise and knowledge include areas such as:

  • General Consulting
  • Public Relations
  • Fundraising
  • Campaign Planning
  • Voter Contact Mail Programs
  • Direct Mail
  • Crisis Management
  • Phone Banking
  • List Development
  • Grassroots Development
  • Major Donor Solicitation
  • Event Planning
  impact your strategy

control the agenda

motivate voters

general consulting services:

Strategic planning
Message development

Earned media programs

Timeline development

Crisis management

GOTV planning

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